Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, hello there....this is a little bit like speaking in public...but here it is! We have finally caught on to the blog craze of modern times, mainly due to our super-muse and friend Claerwen (check out her blog at who has been active in blogland for years. Now we get it. We love it. We want to blog,too! And,here we are. We are very excited to tell you about our little St.Kilda project, a true effort of combined forces...two friends, one shop. We sell Vintage...clothes,fabulous clothes and bags and shoes and bathers and belts.....Anna's fabulous label Joachim Vintage (, but also furniture, a bit of mid-century, a bit of recycled reclaimed timber works of art from our friend, Mr.Hatton....check out! We also Have Matt on board from shop used to be a bike shop for quite a long time, a bit of a St.Kilda icon,so we are very pleased to rent out Vintage bikes and keep up a bit of a tradition there.... not much left of St.Kilda in good old St.Kilda! And last but not least, we love where we are, because we are coffee addicts and IDAHO is right next door to our all-time favourite cafe.The Galleon. What more could we want?
Come on down and visit us...we are open 7 days a week,10-5pm,with new stock added daily.